Bathroom Repair

Bathroom Repair

Well-maintained Bathrooms for your home and office

Bathrooms are in constant use, which is why it is not surprising that they need frequent repair. But repairing bathrooms can be complex, with multiple things requiring a fix. That is why you should make sure to trust in a reliable contractor.

Call CREATIVE BATHROOM RENOVATION if you require the services of a reliable bathroom repair company that can complete the project quickly, efficiently, and in a professional manner.

Many repair projects do not meet the expectations you have of them because bathroom contractors aren’t skilled or experienced enough. At CREATIVE BATHROOM RENOVATION our team has a bunch of well-experienced and skilled professionals including plumbers, masons, architects, and others. 

By choosing CREATIVE BATHROOM RENOVATION, you can rest assured that we will not leave until you are completely satisfied with the results. You can head on to read the reviews that our esteemed customers have left us. Our track record is proven and well known.

Leaking Showers – don’t worry, we have your back!

With CREATIVE BATHROOM RENOVATION you can rest assured that you are no longer bothered by leaking showers. Leaking water can cause mold, and also cause seepage and other moisture-induced problems if they are not treated properly. Get the CREATIVE BATHROOM RENOVATION team to inspect your shower and fix it before things get out of hand.

How we repair bathrooms:

We follow a professional and effective method that has been developed over the years. Each project that we have done is a learning experience and has added to our knowledge.

Site visit and mapping

The first step in the bathroom repair process is to visit the client’s site. During the visit we note down all the aspects that need repair. Along with this we observe the overall layout of the bathroom, whether tiles or fixtures will need to be removed, and if there are some elements that can be fixed and replaced.


Then we sit down as a team and chalk out an action plan for getting the work done. We list down all the resources needed, the people who will be part of the team, the costs and the time including procurement of supplies. This plan is communicated to you, and depending on your approval we proceed with the work. 

Accomplishing the task

On the starting day, our project manager will meet you and help you with anything that needs to be done before the repair work starts. We will cover the areas that wont be needing fixing, place a plastic or covering on your carpet or floor where our workers will pass, and will also assist in getting furniture or items that might hinder the repair process.

Next our workers will start with the work with the right equipment and materials in hand. This ensures that there is minimal disruption to your regular routine. 

Completion and handover

The team will update you as required about the work progress. Once it finishes, we will ask you to test the repaired items and check the repaired spaces. If you have anything to say, our team will make sure that they satisfy you before they mark the project as completed.

We specialize in bathroom repairs and can advise you with regards to the best solutions. Contact us now to get things in order!

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