Bathroom Demolition

Bathroom Demolition

Break it to make it

The CREATIVE BATHROOM RENOVATION team members are thorough professionals when it comes to bathroom demolition. Whether you want a careful removal of items that you want to reuse, or if you want the removal of your drywall and taking out tiles, we are the team for you. 

What is the worst part of demolition for home owners? The mess and debris all around! But with our team at CREATIVE BATHROOM RENOVATION you don’t have to worry because will dispose of the debris and the waste for you.

Bathrooms add value to your home

Bathrooms are an integral part of any home. Well designed and good-looking bathrooms can easily increase the value of your home, especially when you are looking to sell. 

Therefore, whether you are going to be in your home for some more years, or if you want to put the property up for sale, it is advisable to opt for a bathroom renovation. A good bathroom renovation begins with demolition which forms the basis of all repair and redesign work.

At CREATIVE BATHROOM RENOVATION we are brilliant with the demolition because we have a very smooth process. Here is what the process looks like:

Preparing for the demolition


Remember that demolition is a major home improvement project which is why you should check with the local council to see if you need a permit. If you need a permit you should try to get it as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

Once you have the permission, prepare your home for demolition. Remove furniture and fixtures where required in your home and also make sure to cover the surfaces that might get messy. In addition to this, inform your neighbors about the renovation so that they can be prepared for the noisy phases in the work.

Plan for demolition

The first thing to do is to study the area that we have and plan for the demolition. The plan is based on the new design so we know exactly which wall, or space to demolish, and arrange for waste disposal. The plan is incredibly important to create the canvas that you need for a fresh start.

Removing bathroom fixtures

We make sure to remove the toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub before the demolition of the walls, ceiling and floor begins. This ensures that we know our bearings and we have a good idea about the plumbing system as well. We will arrange a dumpster for you if you have a lot of debris from the bathroom renovation. We will dispose off a small amount ourselves.

Why do you need to demolish your bathroom

There are many reasons why you would want to demolish your bathroom.

Reason Number 1

A toilet that is overflowing. This is perhaps one of the grossest problems that you will face, an overflowing toilet not only smells bad but it signifies that there are underlying problems in the sewerage and drainage systems. Moreover, the excessive water can damage the structure, seep in beneath the tiles and cause mold, mildew and other moisture-related problems.

Reason Number 2

Clogged Drain can be an eyesore and a big problem area for your home. While an occasional clogged drain is nothing to worry about, but if you face this Issue consistently, then it means that your plumbing system requires a renovation. 

Reason Number 3

A leaky faucet is again a common issue, and in many cases, regular wear and tear maintenance can fix the problem. However, consistent problems with faucet might require demolition.

Reason Number 4

Damage tiles are unsightly but can also pose some serious fall hazards. You can bump your toes, you can trip on it, the cracks and sharp broken edges might injure you or the kids, and you might find that moisture seeps through the broken surface. Broken tiles with gaps and crevices can be hiding places for pests and cockroaches – therefore it advisable to demolish and renovate your bathroom.

Reason Number 5

Mildew or Mould in bathrooms with poor ventilation and dampness, mold and mildew are bound to happen. These could signal a need for some serious remodeling. 

Reason Number 6

If there is not enough light and air passing through the space, the space starts smelling damp and collecting unwanted pests, mold and fungus that can be harmful to health. Consider demolition and redesign of your space.

Other reasons

If your space has not been cleaned properly over time, if it is not regularly maintained, or is there are some permanent issues with the space like broken walls, gaps and cracks in tiles. Broken fixtures, a problematic plumbing system and so forth, then it means that you need to check with experts and see if you need a demolition.

CREATIVE BATHROOM RENOVATION are plumbing experts who will get the demolition job done in a professional and quick manner. Call us to see what we can do for you.

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